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At GEMS, we will improve the local economy, keep it unique and develop connections with the people behind the local products. We will provide you with the best platform to magnify your property. GEMS will expose your property in a detailed fashion that will reveal features and amenities. Every property will be displayed with the following attributes:

  • Upload up to 10 HD photos

  • Video upload

  • Spectacular description


Search with GEMS


GEMS will provide “Friends of Gems,” looking for that perfect place to vacation, the convenience, connectivity and cost saving platform, without you having to search elsewhere or calling your friends.

GEMS search options include:

  • Multiple search parameters

  • Ability to save searches and receive notifications of matching properties

  • Message property listed directly on

  • Ability to share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)



GEMS provides a service that is cost effective, convenient and ease of connectivity. This delightful service will provide “Friends of Gems” a platform to achieve their desired goals. Share your ideas on how we can make your experience a pleasurable one.

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