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Wilson  Jn. Baptiste

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Wilson Jn. Baptiste will be the Chief Executive Officer of Gems of the Rwanda. He has over 25 years of experience in the hotel and tourism industry, marketing and sustainable tourism development.  Wilson formed Gems of Saint Lucia, in 2008, after visiting hotels on the island and holding meetings with tourism officials. In addition, he explored the possibility of the development of cultural and heritage sites on the island and the introduction of sustainable measures to protect the natural environment and coastal waters.

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Magdalene Cooman

Director of Operations

Magdalene Cooman has over 20 years of experience in project management in both the private sector and nonprofit organizations.  She is a strategic thinker, innovative in her approach to program solving and is versed in building and managing teams; keeping to project deadlines and ensuring that the project requirements are met. She is also an author, speaker, employment coach, entrepreneur and an advocate for individuals, teams and work places to work in healthy and productive environments.

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Chad Myers

Strategic Relationship Director

Mr. Chad Meyerson has been associated with the Gems marketing concept and Wilson Jn. Baptiste since 2008, while he was JetBlue's Executive Head of Latin America & the Caribbean. Mr. Meyerson was instrumental in facilitating the visit by a group of Saint Lucians on Jet Blue’s second flight into the island in 2008. The group represented part of the concept “Friends of Gems.”

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