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Over 25 years’ experience in Business Development, Innovation, Sales and Marketing Support and Training, Program and Project Management, and Product Development, with a Value to Business such as:  Turnarounds, Innovation, Transformations and creation of Breakthroughs.  He is a true visionary, strategic thinker, and implementer, dedicated and focused on bottom line results for successful business growth, expansion and Transformation.


Well known on the West Coast and since 2016 the East Coast also for his successful Business Development, Program Management and entrepreneurial work at startup, small, medium and large companies.  He is a founding team member of Channel MedSystems, Barrett’s MedSystems, EE Tech, and Physiocue, and had significant roles at the world’s most successful medical device blockbusters ACS/Eli Lilly IPO to Guidant (later acquired by Abbott for $27B), and a huge bay area success, St. Francis Medical Technologies (acquired by Kyphon for $725M which was shortly later acquired by Medtronic for over $4B).  He was also consulting as the Acting Director of R&D for N-Spine in San Diego, helping them to get ready for the acquisition by Synthes ($40-60M).  Most recently he has joined Abbott’s Venture Group and most recently was brought into Midmark Corp to set up and run their Connected Solutions Program.  Mr. Jackson recently co-located to NY to continue his focus on Connected Solutions,  Telehealth, Telemedicine, SaMD, Digital Therapeutics, Digital Health, and Digital Ecosystem.


Mr. Jackson and his affiliates utilize an extensive background in Business Development, Program and Project Management, R&D, Organizational Development and Transformation, Training, Process and Contract Manufacturing for the expansion, development, launch and distribution of Medical Devices, Biotech, Connected Devices, digital health, mobile-health, clinically used, and hospital based technology, including but not limited to: implants, ECG, minimally invasive, drug delivery, catheter-based, orthopedic, spine, aseptic fill, cardiovascular, diagnostic, capital equipment, imaging and ablation technologies.   

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