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Frederic Pouyout


Frederic's involvement with the professional renewable energy sector goes back three decades ago. Starting in 1984, he worked as a consultant on feasibility studies for the solarization of public pools for a branch of the French "Conseil d'Architecture, d'Urbanisme et d'Environnement". In 1985, he planned and managed the largest solar energy campaign where he was co-sponsored by the French government and the French solar industry association. Following that, he worked for the leading French manufacturer of Solar Energy (Solaire du Verdon, division of Solaire de France). He was then contracted by the "Agence Française pour la Maîtrise de l’Énergie" as a residential and commercial energy auditor. He was president of the non-profit association, Solar Service International, from 1987 to 1988. In addition, he became president of The Green Power Network in 2001, and then started - GPEKS Constructions in 2002 (GPEKS is an acronym for Green Power Environment Knowledge Systems).


Frederic has a multi-disciplinary university background in Business (MBA level - University of Limoges, France), Technology (Energy & Solar Technologies - University of Perpignan, France), International Trade (University of Nice - Institute for Export) and Public Policies (Certificate of the European Institute for High International Studies based in Brussels, Belgium), Information Technology (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and trainer - the highest level of certification from Microsoft), Project Management (Learning Tree International - Certified Project Management Professional and Certified IT Management Professional; on the last stretch of the Masters in Project Management program at Universite du Quebec). He is also a Comptia certified Technical Trainer, ColdFusion certified technical trainer, Productivity Point International Certified Trainer, top leading expert RETScreen International Certified Trainer Clean Energy Institute Professional Certification in Project Analysis for 10 technological areas (Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Bio-energy, CHP...). Frederic has also completed the training of Level 1 coaching in Volleyball and downhill skiing and has also been formally trained to teach Latin Dance. Frederic is fluent in the three dominant languages in Africa and the American continents.


For more information on Frederic, check his LinkedIn profile or detailled bio hereFacebook or Youtube pages.

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